Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hi i'm back! The new beginning for the new year 2013 ^_^

"A Little Story of Mine" is bout me, a bit story of mine before the ending 2012. It bout me and him, someone i love and care to much. I hope you all enjoy reading it.

I still remember that night when you say how much you love me, how much it hurt for waiting me.
Every time when we meet you always say why, why and why you never had a chance to be with me cause in time you know that i'm so happy with other guy that i though will love me forever. But now i with you, i let the faith choose you to be a knight for me, to be my soul, my breath, my everything, you are the only one. but this time my turn to say why, why and why now you just ignoring me like i'm not a part of you, i'm not the sunshine in the morning you awake, i'm not the one you kiss and say good night. Why you drag me into this relationship that i can't admit to people i'm yours and you are belong to me?. It really hard for me, sometime i'm act like happy, smile, lot of laugh, and everything i do just to keep hide from all of my beloved friend's and family that I'M OK actually inside of me, i was hurt. My heart broke into a pieces that will never been fixed anymore.

"I'm feel  like SINGLE person but my heart is TAKEN by someone i can't call as MY OWN"

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